Are there any shipping delays?

Yes, Only Massive is also influenced by the industry-wide delays. 

Carriers worldwide are doing their best to work under the new normal. Shipments are taking longer than what we’re used to because they’re mostly carried out with passenger flights, but flights are now limited and the number of shipments is growing.  

This means more and more packages are competing for the limited amount of space on flights and are kept in sorting centres longer than before. The pending packages rarely get tracking updates about waiting in line which may give the impression that they’re lost in transit.  
For an insight on how long shipping may take, please take note of the delivery estimates displayed in your orders once they’re shipped. 

We’re in touch with our distributors—they’ll notify us about any disruptions and we’ll keep you in the loop. We also recommend you follow your local news for any regional updates.


Prints: Policies

All Prints are carefully prepared, individually hand picked & packaged then labelled and stamped while wearing a mask and latex gloves at Only Massive.

Every effort to keep items safe and lightweight for ease of shipping has been made.

Orders to the UK are sent only by registered post as some orders have been lost in transit amounting to a loss for Only Massive.

Only Massive personally take care of all the logistics for preparing Prints and use our national postal service ‘An Post’.

Typically within 2 days of your order, it is packed and 5-8 days from the date of postage, your item should arrive.

Everything Else: Homeware & Clothing Policies

Only Massive has a fulfillment and distribution partner who print, package and ships all the orders on clothing and homeware items custom to your order specification and variation. All information on the shipping dates for estimated arrival of goods is displayed before checkout and can be found on your invoice received in email you provided. Please email me only so I can follow up on any issues as soon as possible. heya@onlymassive.com


Prints: Policies

Please get in touch if you have received your parcel and it’s been damaged in anyway.
In the unlikely event that your Only Massive purchase fails to meet your expectations please drop us a message at heya@onlymassive.com with your order number and attached picture of product within 14 days of receipt and we do our best to rectify the issue.

Only Massive is a small business run by 2 people so we will not be able to refund postage on change of mind items unfortunately. This does not affect your consumer rights should there be a fault or damage to the Print(s) on arrival.

Everything Else: Clothing & Homeware Policies

If any issues (eg. faults, breakages, or damage) you find while unpacking your order send us an email heya@onlymassive.com with your order number and attached picture of product right away, if within 5 days of receipt Only Massive follow up my distribution partners and rectify the problem. Items left longer than 5 days of receipt are deemed worn and Only Massive will have difficulty in securing a refund.

Returns on Clothing and Homeware items are unfortunately not accepted once printed and packaged for distribution. This is due to Only Massive having a fulfillment and distribution partner who print, package and distribute all the orders on clothing and homeware items customised to your order specification and variation on a per-order (print on demand) basis. Hygiene purposes relative to Covid-19 prevent Only Massive from repacking and re-selling these items this is also a factor that must be taken into consideration on most items.

Consumer rights:  Homeware & Clothing

If there’s a manufacturing fault in the print/design or damage on delivery, this requires notice and photographic reference within 14 days, and we will replace the item(s) free of additional charges once the damage is accepted as a fault of our print partner & distributor.

Wrong size returns: Only Massive cannot accept responsibility for wrong size returns. Sizes are available on the product page and also included is a size guide to ensure this is not a mistake that a customer would be make easily.

Last updated: 29/03/2021